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yEnc32 v1.0.6 (February 2003)
  • Updated user interface to a more WinXP-ish style
  • Fixed some issues with links in the helpfile
  • When decoding files from multiple folders with "save decoded files in input folder" enabled, the decoded files are now saved in their respective directories
  • Fixed bug with -1 file size when posting files from multiple folders
  • User-defined folder can now be used to store temporary (encoded) files when posting (as opposed to forcing use of the Windows temp directory)
  • Clicking Encode, then cancel now properly returns to the main screen
  • Fixed possible "List index out of bounds" when posting
  • User-defined file extension is now used when posting single-part files (rather than forced ".ntx")
  • Fixed possible access violation when doing multiple encoding runs during a single session
  • Added feature to retain temporary files after posting
  • When decoding multiple files with "erase input files" enabled, yEnc32 will no longer delete files that have errors during decoding
yEnc32 v1.0.5 (June 2002)
  • Licensing policy changed; yEnc32 is now distributed under the GPL.
  • Added leading zeroes to file part numbers when encoding
  • On multiple monitor systems, yEnc32 now appears in the center of the screen, rather than the center of the desktop.
  • Encode/decode MRU lists can now be cleared.
  • Files can now be encoded/decoded to the same folder as the input file
  • Added "don't prompt for delete, just do it" option
  • Minor cosmetic issues fixed
  • Enter key can now be used in Encode and Decode windows
  • Fixed bug in which temporary files would be created, but not deleted, when using right-click shell integration. (This was actually fixed in v0.0.4a, which was not "officially" released.)
yEnc32 v0.0.4 (Mar 2002)
  • Implemented *PROPER* shell integration (no longer using "Send To" menu).
  • Encoding & decoding via shell can now be fully automated by enabling "Use default output folder" and "Automatically close yEnc32" under Preferences for Encoding and Decoding.
  • Helpfile is now included with yEnc32.
  • Fixed bug in which yEnc32 would lockup occasionally while decoding files.
  • Fixed "I/O Error 103" when attempting to decode files that weren't encoded in yEnc format (or were improperly encoded or corrupted).
  • Fixed possible lockup under same conditions as "I/O Error 103".
  • Default input folders can now be specified (under Preferences) for encoding & decoding files.
  • Default file extension (for decoding) is now remembered.
  • Uninstaller now removes right-click shell integration.
  • Progress bar is now cleared after encoding/decoding.
  • Apparently some systems have problems loading the entire newsgroup list into one listbox; it's now split into categories (alt.*, comp.*, etc)
  • Hopefully resolved newsgroup list downloading issues for good.
  • X-No-Archive header can now be specified when posting.
  • When posting, a single description can now be assigned to ALL files (previously, the user had to enter a description for each individual file, which was annoying if posting a multi-volume archive).
  • Message bodies can now be included with posted files.
  • Fixed bug in which Unix-style line endings would cause the decoder to lock up (I know, I know... we're hanging our heads in shame... :)
  • Rewrote a large portion of the newsgroup list downloading routines; hopefully this will fix the problems some users were having.

    Draft v1.3 compliance:

  • Encoder now includes "total=" parameter in in "ybegin" line.
  • Decoder now scans for "=ybegin " rather than "=ybegin".
  • Decoder now checks filenames for characters which would be invalid under Win32 operating systems.
yEnc32 v0.0.3 (Mar 2002)
  • Fixed "Out of memory" errors when encoding very large files (i.e., several hundred megabytes).
  • yEnc32 will now correctly decode a single input file containing multiple encoded files.
  • Added MRU list for Encode/Decode output folders.
  • Added right-click shell integration (right-click on a file or files, select "Send to", and choose "yEncode" or "yDecode")
  • Added commandline parameters /decode [files...] and /encode [files...]
  • Main window now scrolls such that the last item is always visible.
  • Fixed a few issues with server authentication.
  • Newsgroup list is now sorted after downloading.
  • Toolbar buttons are now disabled during encoding/decoding/posting.
  • Added "Stop" button to cancel encoding/decoding/posting.
  • The yEnc32 interface should now be much more responsive during encoding and decoding.
  • Fixed some problems with newsgroup list downloading (let us know if you have any further problems).
yEnc32 v0.0.2 (Feb 2002)
  • yEnc32 can now post to newsgroups! (Experimental)
  • Fixed issues with yEnc32 windows appearing "too small" (buttons cut off, etc.) when Large Fonts are enabled
  • Fixed problem with encoding multiple files with the same name but different extensions (i.e., archive.rar, archive.r01, archive.r02)
  • "Remove original files after encoding/decoding" now works
  • Fixed problem with encoding read-only files
  • When reading large files, yEnc32 now reports what it's doing (rather than just locking up until the file's been read)
  • Added better encoder/decoder error handling
  • Fixed "Y32" logo ugliness on About screen under Win98/Me/2K
  • Support website moved to http://www.yenc32.com
yEnc32 v0.0.1 (Feb 2002)
  • First release

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