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If you're having problems with yEnc32, please make sure that you're using the latest version (currently 1.0.8). If you're using an older version, please upgrade.

Getting Help

If you need assistance with yEnc32, there are several support options and tutorials listed to the left.

yEnc Support

Please note that "yEnc" and "yEnc32" are two totally different things; this is the yEnc32 support site. The yEnc support site is at

Obtaining Support

Please note that yEnc32 is a free product; we have invested many hours in developing it, and we have offered it to the public at no cost. We make absolutely no money from yEnc32.

As such, we do not have the resources to offer technical support for this product. If you require assistance, please refer to the manual, FAQ, or forums.
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